About us

Atrafin is an international commercial lender, specializing in emerging markets

Who we are

Founded by Harry Kaplan in 2005, Atrafin has established its ‘can-do’ reputation with US exporters through the successful completion of a multitude of diverse transactions. Today, our team is made up of a dynamic and engaging group of individuals with a depth of experience unique in the emerging market space. Over 80 global brands call us their partners.

Growth is a guiding principle for the company: for clients, for economies, for society. There is a frontier spirit at Atrafin, and a commitment to making finance happen in the best possible way.

Over the decades, we have helped our clients navigate complexity. We have partnered with bigger brands, and smaller ones. And we have consistently and successfully supported the purchase of US-made capital equipment in new territories. From Paraguay to Peru, from Israel to India, from Tanzania to Turkey.

Atrafin offers attractive financing terms to borrowers, with zero risk to the US manufacturer. We’re here to grow with you.