Fast-track your finance

with an Expedited Loan


American Trade Finance is a proud pioneer of an industry-leading new product: Expedited Loans.

This is a simple, smart and speedy solution. We can fast-track loans of up to $1 million, at fixed interest rates for up to five years, with turnaround times of as little as 30 days. Whether you’re an exporter of US-made goods or an international purchaser, you’ll know the advantages of that kind of efficiency.

For applications to be approved as quickly as possible, all necessary paperwork will need to be in order. 

Perfect for the purchaser

If you’re purchasing US-made capital goods, an Expedited Loan is a gamechanger. Compare us to local banks. You’ll find our rates are highly competitive – and you have the ability to fix your rate for up to five years. Contact us for a pricing quote.

Ideal for the exporter

As an exporter, you can take advantage of Expedited Loans, too, by presenting the benefits to your clients. It’s swift, streamlined and secure. We pay you up front – eliminating your risk and allowing your client to quickly acquire the equipment they need. An Expedited Loan is an innovative way to get everyone growing – faster.

Remember, we’re also available to provide Expedited Loans as part of your ‘in-house’ trade finance team.

We’re consistent about not compromising

Like all our products, an Expedited Loan from American Trade Finance is subject to a rigorous approval process, with no compromise on quality or security. It’s just how we like to do things: the right way – even at speed.

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