loan program

Key solutions

Because one size doesn’t fit all

What we offer

With EXIM’s loan guarantees, buyers in both the private and public sectors are able to obtain competitive financing from Atrafin. Repayment terms are generally ten years or less, with transaction sizes up to $300 million.

Key financial solutions

Equipment finance

Finance the capital goods you need at the kind of rates you’d prefer.

Dealership floor plan finance

Optimise your inventory: get working capital for your floor stock.


In this sector, it’s essential to stay state-of-the-art.


Impressive opportunities for the green industry to grow. 

Transformational Export Industries

Smart finance solutions for everything from AI to 5G.

Some terms explained

Find below a more detailed description of some of our key features and what they include.

Local cost financing

Key features

  • Incurred in the buyer’s country and include costs such as import and custom duties, value-added taxes, freight, installation, and commissioning costs.
  • Form part of the US export contract
  • Up to 30% of the US equipment invoiced value
  • Applicable to costs incurred in both local currency and US dollars

Pre-export finance

Key features

  • Up to 60% of equipment purchase price is available upon production milestones.
  • Finance is available pre-shipment
  • Working capital cash flow assistance: by providing up to 60% of the equipment purchase price prior to shipment, we reduce working capital requirements.


Key features

  • This covers procurement from two or more countries by providing the support of two or more export credit agencies.
  • US content must be the largest share of the product sourcing and/or the main contractor.
  • Co-financing shall include invoiced amounts provided by the US exporter, its subcontractor, subsidiary or affiliate.